Guiding Services

Buses, vans and everything in between

All guiding and interpretive services provided by Gaia Travel offer experienced, knowledgeable and accredited guides. Our focus is on the natural and cultural heritage of Western Canada and our mandate is to educate our clients while providing a quality, enjoyable and involved travel experience.

To book one of our experienced guides please email us your dates and trip itinerary and we'll ensure the best guide for the job.

Languages spoken include: English, German, Dutch and Spanish.

Interpretive Step On Guide Service

Full day guide $350 per day
Half day guide $200 per half day

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Martin Flanagan

Did I mention yet that I love what I do? I have created my dream job of showing lovely people from all over the world the beauty of North America. Come share my energy and enthusiasm in what I do. As owner of Gaia Travel Services since 1995, I have travelled extensively throughout all corners of Western Canada. My love of nature, people, travel and attention to detail has led to the creation of tours adapted to my clients' expectations. I speak fluent English and German and my French is pretty good (still haven't started learning the language yet though).

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Max Schoeffel

Growing up in Bariloche, Argentina, Max's alpinist background has led to a career in guiding. He specializes in backcountry expeditions in addition to interpretive guiding. Max speaks fluent Spanish, English and German.

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Travis Oberkirsch

Saskatchewan born and bred, it would make you wonder how he got a German last name. Travis' dynamic personality and willingness to learn more makes him an excellent guide. Travis guides our Western Canada and Yukon/ Alaska trips. So far he speaks English and German, but don't be surprised if he's fluent in Spanish in the next few years.