Churchill - Polar Bear Capital of the World

This is just the coolest trip in the world, and I’m not just talking outside temperature either! Imagine this…

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Churchill, Man.

  • Temperature: -5 °C
  • Wind: North, 25.9 km/h
  • Pressure: 1022 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 73%
  • Visibility: 24.1 Kilometers

Reported on:
Wed, 12/08/2010 - 07:00

Explore the heart of Canada – Winnipeg, a city of culture, architecture and arts. A two day train journey through the prairies of Canada to a small, coastal town in the far north, a town that isn’t even connected to a road. Add on the attraction of this town and you’ve got a winner. Up close and personal, the largest land carnivores in Canada – polar bears, right here in Churchill, Manitoba.

I’m your guide to see the wonders of Churchill and all of its uniqueness. Each time I do this trip, I can’t help but just fall in love with the surroundings. I know, for a fact, that some of the polar bears recognize me. Every year you see the same bears, the same people, the same natural surroundings. But each day is so fantastically unique. I remember riding home in the guide van at the end of the day with 12 other guides and each day, all we could talk about were the amazing experiences we had. Whether your interests be photography, sightseeing, educational or animal viewing, this tour holds it all for you.

Come join me on my favourite yearly migration to see the polar bears of Churchill. All of our tours are all inclusive so if I mention something that we’re doing, it’s included. This trip includes all breakfasts, all dinners and three lunches in addition to everything else. To maximize our experience this trip will be limited to 10 guests.


Town and Area Tour: A guided bus tour of local and historical points of interest surrounding Churchill, including such attractions as Cape Merry, Port of Churchill and the Polar Bear Compound

Eskimo Museum: The museum contains one of Canada's finest collections of Inuit carvings, kayaks and artifacts dating from pre- Dorset, Dorset, Thule, and modern Inuit times.

Parks Canada Interpretive Centre: Look back in time, with museum fur trade exhibits, and exciting wildlife dioramas. View a series of videos on the history, culture and wildlife of the area.

Meals: All breakfasts served as full american breakfast, all dinners - three courses, three lunches - two on Tundra Buggy, one on train.

Gratuities: All gratuities to guides, drivers, serving staff and train staff at above industry standard rates.

Guiding: Martin Flanagan is an interpretive guide with fifteen years experience. You'll get the best quality experience that has impressed thousands of guests from all over the world.